EM3 Productions created A Season of Change in association with Sculpt, a range of high protein nutrition products for women.

The concept of A Season of Change is really about being authentic with you, it’s about connection and about real life value - providing tools to create meaningful change.  We hope you enjoy the experience.  If you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us by email: info@aseasonofchange.me

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Evan Matthews
Creator & Executive Producer

Evan Matthews is dedicated to creating media productions to inspire people’s lives. Originally from the US, Evan has lived and worked in Australia and New Zealand for the past 14 years and has experience in writing, producing, directing, and presenting internationally.  Evan’s work is designed to bring awareness, empower and move people to action.

If you are interested in discussing future broadcast productions or have other business propositions for EM3 Productions please contact us at info@aseasonofchange.me.